What is C4EI ?

현재 발행량 : C4EI 2억1천만개
Current issuance: 210 million C4EI
status /explore /whitepaper kor, eng

C4EI aims at improving global equality of opportunity, a goal that should appeal to liberal minds from left to right convictions. In the end, that’s what freedom is about. The time for a global universal basic income has come and the C4EI is developing the technology to enable it everywhere for everyone. Join our endeavor by spreading the word and by supporting us financially or with your time as a developer, reviewer, scholar or with your network as an ambassador and influencer!

c4ei 메인넷은 깃허브의 Geth/v1.10.8-stable을 포크 한 내용입니다. GETH 에 제네시스 블록을 생성하여 새로운 메인넷으로 출발 하였습니다.(체인ID 21004) 0블록의 시작은 2021년 9월 30일 이며 관련 백서는 이더(Geth/v1.10.8)와 동일 하며 ETH 가 아닌 C4EI 로 명명 하였습니다.

The c4ei mainnet is a fork of GitHub's Geth/v1.10.8-stable. We created a Genesis block in GETH and started as a new mainnet.(Chain ID 21004) The start of block 0 is September 30, 2021, and the related white paper is the same as Ether (Geth/v1.10.8) and is named C4EI, not ETH.

How can I add metamask C4EI ?

network: C4EI
chain ID: 21004
symbol: C4EI
explorer URL:

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